Tulip Planting at the triangle

Residents could have been forgiven for thinking there was an invasion of moles at the triangle last weekend - volunteers set about planting tulip bulbs to make the spring display even better next year.  They made light work of the planting and completed in record time - must be getting used to it now.

Further Delays in Speed Reduction

In February we asked you all to come and support our application to Fletching Parish Council asking for their support of our petition to get the speed limit reduced from 60 mph to 40 mph on Shortbridge Road and Golf Club Lane.  They did support us and in light of the survey results the application was made.  Our Vice Chairman attended a meeting with East Sussex County Council in June and we were advised that the request would be considered at the next council meeting in September.

We now find that ESCC are changing their offer on Matched Funding and now it looks like we'll have to start the application process again from the beginning.

PRA committee members and FPC councillors will be attending a presentation about this on 12th October and we'll be asking some very pointed questions.  As soon as we have any news we'll let you all know - but don't worry we're not letting this go!

Tulip Planting at Triangle

We're going to add tulips to the fabulous display of bulbs at the triangle opposite the pond so we'll need volunteers to help with the planting.  The planting date will be confirmed wihtin the next week.  

If you would like to vounteer to help please contact the secretary sam@mss.uk.net


Boundaries Commission Results

The Boundaries Commission has accepted our proposed amendments to the boundary changes for Parish & District Council elections - almost in full. They stated that the weight of our evidence and viability of our proposal was sufficient to enable them to review the proposed boundaries. It was also key that we had an active Residents Association.
So Shortbridge, Isfield and Copwood will remain in Fletching and Danehill. The only disappointment is that Little Horsted will have to be included in the new Ridgewood ward because of the numbers.
Great to see people power in action and getting results!  
Thanks to Katrina Best and Wayne Emerson for all their research and hard work in producing the viable alternative option. And of course thanks to all the residents who wrote in and signed the petition.

The full document can be found at https://consultation.lgbce.org.uk/node/6011

For those that don’t want to download and trawl through the whole report the section relating to Danehill and Fletching is below:-

Danehill & Fletching 

39   We received 109 submissions in reference to this ward, and its communities’ relationship with the neighbouring urban Uckfield wards. These submissions provided strong and compelling evidence to justify the removal of the Shortbridge area of Piltdown and the Isfield area from Uckfield into the proposed Danehill & Fletching ward. The submissions described the rural nature of the ward to be clearly distinct from Uckfield and also the particularly strong community links between Shortbridge, Piltdown and the rest of the parish of Fletching. We are persuaded by the evidence received and are therefore proposing to alter our recommendations to include the parish of Isfield and the Shortbridge area in the proposed Danehill & Fletching ward. The proposed ward would have a variance of 11% but we consider that the evidence provided regarding this change was strong enough to justify this.

40   In addition, a number of the submissions also called for the inclusion of the parish of Little Horsted in the proposed Danehill & Fletching ward. The submissions provided evidence of community links in the area, and proposed an alternative solution that would see the northern area of the Danehill & Fletching ward moved into the proposed Forest Row ward, to accommodate moving the parish of Little Horsted into Danehill & Fletching ward. However, this would have resulted in an electoral variance of 16% for Forest Row and -17% for Uckfield Ridgewood & Little Horsted. No solution was provided to rectify these very high variances. We consider therefore that placing Little Horsted in Danehill & Fletching would have detrimental effects to other wards within the district that cannot be justified based on the evidence received.

41   We therefore propose a Danehill & Fletching ward that contains Shortbridge and Isfield parish, but not Little Horsted parish. We are content that the proposed ward provides for good adherence to the statutory criteria and are therefore confirming it as part of our final recommendations.

Our First Five Projects

The Triangle
Licence granted for planting

Following our formation on January 11th 2014 Piltdown Residents Association has listened to residents and identified the five major concerns of residents:

Litter & Fly Tipping

Speeding On Local Roads

Parking in A272 Lay-by


Creating A Central Feature To The Village

It was decided to initially focus on only five projects at a time to ensure that they could be given the focus needed and that it would be manageable by committee members who all give their time on a voluntarty basis.

Since January all five objectives have been raised with Fletching Parish Council and three have already had positive results. The remaining two are being discussed with East Sussex County Council and the Police.

Jun. 1, 2014

Litter & Fly tipping

Contact Wealden District Council on 01892 602735 for clearing large amounts of litter or any Fly tipping.

Jun. 1, 2014

A272 Lay-by parking

East Sussex County Council are looking at restricting parking at the A272 lay-by opposite the Texaco petrol station in Piltdown. At present it does not have restriction markings on the lay-by but this is under consideration should the problem persist.

Jun. 1, 2014

High speed driving

Shortsbridge Road was reported where vehicles are being driven at high speed, The East Sussex Police have inspected the area which currently is a 60mph limit.
Our aim is to get the speed limit reduced.

Jun. 1, 2014


The Triangle on Shortsbridge Road and leading to Sharpsbridge Lane has been granted a licence by The East Sussex County Council to carry out a planting programme, before this can take place a general tidy has to be done.

Jun. 1, 2014


The East Sussex County Council (Highways) have been approached with regards to providing signage where flooding is a regular problem during the winter months.
There will be further discussions and the outcome will be posted on this website.

Sep. 29, 2014

Piltdown Pond Triangle Landscaping

Work has commenced on this project with the boarding installed and planting area has been dug over and sprayed for weeds. In the next couple of weeks compost will be added and it will be planted with Buddleia and Echinacea. We have 1,000 daffodil bulbs arriving as well and are asking for volunteers to come and help plant these on 11 & 12 October at 10am. Please bring your own tools.
We're very grateful to David Few Gardens for offering to maintain the triangle and for the initial shrub preparation and planting. Chandlers donated the gravel boards and Trevor Phillips Builders donated the labour to install the boards.