Fund Raising

Piltdown Residents Association are raising funds for the three current projects:

  • Reducing speed limits in Golf Club Lane
  • Erecting posts in the triangle to protect the grass and daffodil plants
  • Erecting Village gates on the entrance roads to Piltdown

If you would kindly like to contribute a monthly amount of £10, or a regular amount, please email   for the bank details.



New Committee January 2016

Position Title Name Surname
Chair Mrs Monica Martinez-Bourton 
Vice Chairman Mr Bob White
Treasurer Mr Chris Sainsbury
Secretary Mrs Sam Sainsbury
  Mrs    Sandy  Bone
  Mr  Keith Bentley
  Mr Andrew Bone
  Mrs  Lizzie  Coleman
  Mr Michael Davis
  Mrs Vivienne Davis
  Mr  Francis Matthews
  Mr Peter Ross
  Mr Peter Roundell                    
  Mr  Peter Sebry
  Mr John Weddell

The Financial Report


PRA Financial Statement Summary

1st January 2015 - 30th September 2015
Auction £1,780.00
Donations £340.00
Tombola £253.85
Misc £180.00
Loan £200.00
Total income £2,753.85
Total expenses £1,422.25
Income Generated For the Period £1,331.60
Opening bank balance at 1 Jan 2015


PRA Expenditure Breakdown      
Village Sign   £600.00    
Van hire   £79.96    
Installation hire £79.20    
Balloon flight £100.00    
Donations - Sign Dedication £30.00    
Retirement gift - PCSO £25.98    
Hall hire   £25.00    
Overheads   £282.11    
Total Expenditure   £1,222.25  
Repayment of loan £200.00    
Total     £1,422.25