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Results of the Fletching parish council meeting 8th February 2016:

Thanks for all the support last night, over 40 residents came to the meeting. Last night P.R.A. presented three projects for approval including the Road survey application for Match funds.

1) Peter Sebry presented the first project ‘Village gates’ these to be located at two locations along the Goldbridge Road ( A272) and along the Shortbridge Road close to the Peacock.
Full approval was given by the parish co...uncillors with P.R.A funding this project which has been estimated at £1,000 per gate. ( 3 gates)

2) The second project was presented by Bob White ‘ Posts to be erected around the triangle opposite Piltdown pond’ This is to protect the green from vehicles parking and driving across it.
The project again was given Full approval by the councillors with P.R.A. funding the project which has been estimated at £6,000. Allowing for 48 posts either in oak or Polymer with reflective features including labour to secure and position the posts.

3) The third project, which is the ‘Road survey application to reduce the speed limit along Shortbridge Road and Golf Club Lane’ the councillors gave their full approval with Fletching Parish Council funding the project. With £1,500, P,R.A. funding £1,500 and the East Sussex County Council funding £2,000 these costs are again estimates and subject to the East Sussex County Council’s approval. The various formalities leading to approval will possibly take 12 months.

In total the Piltdown Residents Association are looking for approximately £13,500. Without these funds the projects given to us by the Piltdown residents to act upon will not be able to go ahead, please give generously to make this happen to our Hamlet.

The Chair of P.R.A. has set out a new initiative that if every Piltdown household contributes £10 a month by Direct Debit we will achieve our targets, please see Fund Raising & Accts  for banking details. Thank you Bob White P.R.A. Vice Chairman

The PRA Spring dinner Friday 15th April 2016

The PRA Spring dinner – Friday 15th April 2016 at Piltdown Golf Club 

The Menu:  Fish pie with rosti on top, chicken curry or slow cooked steak in a red wine sauce.

Puddings and/or cheese and biscuits to follow  Only £25 per person

which includes gratuities and a small donation to P.R.A.

Further events for 2016

The PRA golf afternoon and dinner is planned for 1st July 2016

The PRA Meet the Residents 11th September 2016

The PRA Xmas dinner and disco  2nd December 2016

Piltdown Project Update

 ESSC Road safety officer has invited us to apply for a reduction in speed limits on Shortbridge Road and Golf Club Lane to 40mph. This will hopefully receive the support of the Fletching Parish council at their next meeting on Monday 8th February 2016 in the village hall at 7:00pm. This is not to say that we have approval as we do still have some obstacles to clear.

PRA have requested that two other projects are included on the agenda to improve the Piltdown pond triangle and having posts protect it from oncoming vehicles and parking on the verges and centre, plus the project of Village gates In and out of Piltdown.

We would like to request that as many residents attend this meeting showing the parish council of YOUR  support and the requests are not just coming from a small committee.  

The meeting will have other points which may interest you such as the Parish Plan and the Parish Festival and you are free to leave whenever you feel the time is right.

Article published in TNUNCOVERED

An article has appeared in the magazine TNUNCOVERED about our community.

Successful AGM meeting 9th January 2016

A successful AGM meeting took place on Saturday 9th January at Fletching Parish church. Over thirty people came along.

Piltdown Residents Association AGM - 9th January 2016

 We have booked Fletching Parish Church at the newly refurbished West End. Complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits will be supplied at 10:30 before the meeting commences. The meeting will start at 11:00 and finish at 12:00.

Piltdown and Fletching will now be served by Crowborough Police.

As of this week Piltdown and the Parish of Fletching will no longer be served by Uckfield Police, we now come under Crowborough.
The policing areas have been divided equally into areas where criminal incidents are recorded which has resulted in a smaller area for Uckfield police.
The Police station in Uckfield will be closed ( date not known) and the PCSO’s will be looking for new accommodation. Future L.A.T. meetings will be held in Crowborough.
Uckfield Police have offered me a number of FREE shed alarms which could be used as a deterrent if a shed is broken in to, please let Bob White: rj.white0744@gmail.com, if you require one or two and I will pass on your details to the police – Name and address telephone number required. P.R.A. will be keeping in contact with Uckfield PCSO’s who have been extremely helpful.
Jonathan Venn, Keith Bentley, Trevor Phillips, Chris Sainsbury and Bob White, have upgraded the Triangle opposite the pond by placing Oak sleepers next to the gravel boards. A great job done on such a wet and cold morning on Saturday 21st November.
Thanks also to Trevor Bignal for supplying us with the sleepers at a huge discounted price.

Three buglaries have taken place in Piltdown this week.

Please ensure that you lock up your sheds and garages as there have been three burglaries in Piltdown this week. One in Little Shortbridge and two in Golf Club Lane. Please keep your eyes open for any strangers, take vehicle reg. numbers if in doubt. The Police will mark all garden equipment if required, this makes it easier to trace.

800 daffodil bulbs were planted today at the triangle opposite Piltdown Pond by the residents, coffee and biscuits were kindly provided by Heather and Anthony.

bulb Planting by the Piltdown residents.

Successful 'Meet the residents' occasion on 5th September 2015

About 60 adults plus 14 children, attended the event.  The youngsters  had great fun on the driving range, with tuition.  There were lots of new villagers, especially younger people who got to make some new friends.


Tea and cakes were very well received by all - the cup cakes looked gorgeous.


Peter Sebry presented our first ideas for next projects, which will be discussed in greater detail at the next public meeting (on 10 October in Fletching Church.  Start 10.30am with free tea, coffee and cookies, meeting starts at 11).

The silent auction worked very well and there was strong bidding from the floor as well, with Peter Ross whipping everyone into a bidding frenzy.  We raised £1,770 from the auction and £250+ from the tombola.

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Nus Ghani our MP visited and helped to dish out the tombola prizes to the children.

Successful Piltdown Walks

A great day for the Piltdown residents and their dogs to walk the 3 Piltdown walks. Thanks to Keith, Lizzie and Peter for leading the walkers.

Three Piltdown Walks 2nd August 2015

Please come along to Piltdown Golf Club at 2 pm 2nd August to take part in the Piltdown walks.  There are three walks to choose from:
1) Barkham Lane / Sharpsbridge Lane.
2) Fairhazel woods
3) Down Street.

It would be a good idea to bring secateurs, water and sunhats (if the weather is hot).  We also need to take note of any  signposts for footpaths which need replacing ( or stiles) and any  footpaths which need clearing.
We will end the afternoon walk with afternoon tea and a nice piece of cake. Again this is open to all residents, friends and relatives.   

A great occasion with 36 Piltdown Residents attending the blessing.

Erection and Dedication of Piltdown Village Sign

The new Piltdown sign has been erected at Piltdown pond and The Revd. Canon Lucy Murdoch will be dedicating it on Sunday 28th June 2015 at 12pm. A celebration drink will be served.  All welcome.