Election results

Sandy Bone would like to say thanks to the 220 residents that voted for her at the election. 🙂

Election Results of Fletching Parish Council May 2015

Candidates Votes Percentage Status
Peter Roundell 331 13.81% Elected
Barry Dickens 321 13.40% Elected
Christopher Rothery 278 11.60% Elected
Tristam Elbrick Di Belmonte 231 9.64% Elected
Sam Sainsbury 227 9.47% Elected
Sandra Bone 222 9.27% Elected
Elizabeth Collum 208 8.68% Elected
Ian Setford 207 8.64% Elected
Ian Kerwood 191 7.97% Elected
Michael McGowan 180 7.51% Not elected
Data from Wealden District Council     

Introducing the Piltdown Residents standing for election on 7th May.

Please Give Them Your Votes! 

 Born in Lewes I tried several times to leave the downs but they always drew me back, until one gently rainy day in April 12 years ago I discovered Piltdown / Sharpsbridge. I have been in love ever since.  I stood for co-option onto Fletching Parish Council to try and do my bit to keep this area as lovely as it is for us and for generations to come.  I’m passionate about our countryside and I’m very keen to walk the footpaths and ensure they are kept in good order.

Now I need your vote to be elected back onto FPC, and I also need your eyes, ears and feedback as to what you want, what you think is needed to enhance this beautiful area.  I walk our local footpaths with 2 Labradors. If you see me please stop me I would welcome your thoughts and meanwhile would be very grateful for your vote."


        Sandy Bone



   Michael McGowan


My wife and I moved to Piltdown in August 1991 with our two children. I worked as a chartered accountant for a number of years finally retiring in 2013.  Having more time, and having enjoyed living in the parish, I have been looking to contribute something locally.  I offered myself for co-option on the Parish Council in March 2014.  With my background, I have supported our Clerk on financial matters.  I was also active in organizing the Parish Questionnaire last year.  I am on the steering group helping to turn your concerns into actions. I have become more involved on highways issues within the council and have developed an issues log to keep track of the progress with East Sussex Counties Council Highways Department. With the resignation of our then Chairman through ill health, I was elected Chairman in January 2015. 

I believe your nine elected Councillors are there to do their best to work together in the interests of all the residents in the parish.  If elected, I will do my best to apply my experience in your interests. 



Experience has shown me that being a Wealden District Councillor assists in my role on Fletching Parish Council as it facilitates better communication and liaison between the two bodies.  From a personal point of view, I want to see the environment of our beautiful parish and countryside conserved, I was a very active member of PAAL to fight against the land raise waste disposal site that ESCC had earmarked in Piltdown, thankfully now dismissed.  I want to see our roads and lanes made safer through sensible speeding restrictions and signposting, and to encourage business development where appropriate within the Parish, I’m currently a member of the Fletching Business Development Group.

Your vote on May 7th would be much appreciated, both to be re-elected as one of your District Councillors, as well as continuing as one of your Parish Councillors.



   Peter Roundell



   Sam Sainsbury



My husband and I moved to Piltdown in 2007 and love living in this friendly and picturesque environment.  Having retired from work as a marketing and PR consultant I found myself drawn to involvement in local life and became a committee member for PAAL, the action group that campaigned successfully against land raise.  Keen to explore more opportunities to contribute I am now on the steering group for the Fletching Parish Action Plan, helping to address the concerns that parishioners raised in the survey taken last year.  I’m also a volunteer for SpeedWatch throughout the parish and secretary of Piltdown Residents Association.

In January of this year I was delighted to be co-opted onto the Parish Council.  My area of special interest in that role is speeding and highways, utilising my 22 years experience of business in this sector.  I would welcome the opportunity to continue that work if you would kindly vote for me.

Fletching Parish Council Election 7th May

Sam Sainsbury - Sandy Bone - Peter Roundell - Mike McGowan

will be standing again as Parish councillors, they are all Piltdown residents and require support from all residents in Piltdown on election day.
We have worked hard to get representation on the Parish council and we need to retain this presence.
Please remember to come to the village hall at Fletching to vote for your preferred candidates.