Road Closure - Sharpsbridge Lane - 6.11.18 - 10.11.18

Sharpsbridge Lane, Piltdown - Temporary Road Closure

From the junction with the C10 Shortbridge Road in a southerly direction on Sharpsbridge Lane for a distance of 1700 metres.

From 6/11/2017 To 10/11/2017.

Works anticipated to take 5 days.

To allow British Telecom to carry out works to clear duct blockages. 

Utility Works

The following are Utility Company works which are happening during the timeframe indicated, however the Utility Company may not require the whole time frame and will vacate the area as soon as possible: 

  • C9 Station Road, Isfield – 11 to 15 January – UK Power Networks laying electricity cables under 2-way temporary traffic lights
  • U5141 Cliffe High Street, Lewes – 11 to 13 January – BT fibre cabling works under Stop & Go boards
  • B2112 / U5241 Common Lane / South View, Ditchling – 12 to 15 January - BT laying cables overnight under 2-way temporary traffic lights
  • C322 / C6 North Common Road / Green Road / South Road, Wivelsfield Green – 17 January – BT cabling and jointing works under 3-way temporary traffic lights
  • C110 Station Road, Plumpton Green – currently under temporary road closure at level crossing with diversion in place. 

You can find out about current and planned road works at This will show you all road works in the area, start and end dates and the likely impact on traffic. This will now also show locations of licensed skips and scaffolding.

Structural repairs, Shortbridge Road, Piltdown, starting 1st June

These repairs will start Monday 1st June, between 7am and 5pm and will last three weeks.  East Sussex Highways will start repair works to the small bridge which carries Shortbridge Road over the Shortbridge stream just north of the junction with Buckham Hill.

This work will repair serious scour issue to the bridge supports which will improve the condition and safety of the bridge.  There will be temporary three way traffic lights in place and a temporary 30 mph speed restriction in place.



Road works A272 28th - 29th May 2015

Road works on the A272 Piltdown from Thursday, this will probably cause long queues: 

Location Reason    
Batts Bridge Road, opposite Maple Park Lodge Renewing a telegraph pole 4-way temporary traffic lights Off Peak Working Only with manual operation at all times